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About HK Group

The HK Group was established in 1998 under the leadership of our late chairman, Mr. P. M. Harikumar, whose legacy and vision continue to inspire and motivate us to these days.

Mr. Harikumar was a visionary who arrived in the United Arab Emirates in the early 1980s with just a small capital and big dreams. As a highly respected vigorous entrepreneur, he initiated successful ventures into the trading, construction and hospitality industries.

Mr. Harikumar believed in the ongoing pursuit of knowledge, skills and abilities through education. He has always encouraged unwavering work ethics and was determined to pass along rewarding values as independence and entrepreneurship to his both beloved sons.

As an undisputed leader, Mr. Harikumar amazed his colleagues and employees with futuristic far-reaching goals that others deemed impossible. His perpetual innovation, ambitious ideas, impeccable quality standards of practice and unwavering loyalty to the company are all pillars to his timeless legacy.

Throughout its fast growth, HK Group’s leadership has given utmost importance to the way it handled each transaction and cared about each client. Giving full attention to each client and concentrating on the smallest details, HK managed to establish a strong reputation and reach the highest levels of client satisfaction.

These are the hallmarks of HK’s success and the reasons for our impressive market stronghold. Among our valued clients are many Fortune 500 companies, wealthy families/individuals, domestic capital funds, REITS, foreign governments and offshore companies.

HK's unique position in the market enables us to offer sustainable performance accountability for each and every project or assignment. Combined with many years of experience and the highest caliber of professionalism, our operations generated significant added value and profits.

market stronghold
market stronghold

HK Group’s management team has an average of 20 years' experience in the industry and have earned their reputation as the highest quality professionals with the highest standards of integrity. Our employees are well trained and skilled, sophisticated and able to handle the most complex lease and investment transactions.

The Group’s Board of Directors includes Jayasree Harikumar, Arjun Kumar and Adarsh Kumar, who have taken our founder’s vision and beliefs to new levels. With a fresh energy and unwavering commitment, the group now operates in a broad range of industries, including construction, healthcare, retail, and more. The group has also active management and investments across international markets such as India and Nigeria. Being very proud of our achievements we vow to continue our success, expansion and meteoric growth.