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HK Group’s Healthcare & Wellness Division

Extensive global experience in heathcare investments and management of medical centers.

African Healthcare Investments

HK Group takes great pride in its operations and investments in Africa. Through our Life Care Africa division we have established an outpatient clinic in Lagos, Nigeria which has grown into a 40-bed private hospital that offers high quality healthcare services.

Striving to continue our investment initiatives, we plan to establish 20 new hospitals across West Africa, contributing to the development and improvement of the local healthcare and medical services.

healthcare monetization
healthcare monetization

Yoga Ashram, Dubai, UAE

Yoga is an essential physical activity which is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Among its healthcare investments, HK Group decided to invest in Yoga Ashram - a state of the art yoga studio located at JLT, Dubai.

At Yoga Ashram people can learn new skills, including yoga techniques, proper yogic breathing, meditation, pilates, and more. The yoga classes are designed for young people, adults, seniors, men and women. The studio also offers yoga classes for the business sector, offering rejuvenation, peace and tranquility.

Amrita Medical Center Acquisition

HK Group acquired the Amrita Medical Center which is located in Dubai, UAE. The center is operated by a highly qualified team of doctors and medical staff, who offer advanced medical and healthcare solutions to the local population.

The center's slogan - "Your Health, Our Care", describes accurately its goals and purpose, which is to provide patients with the highest level of medical care.

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