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HK Group’s Hospitality Investment and Management Division

Hospitality Market Opportunities

Within the many segments of commercial investments, the hospitality sector stands out with an impressive share, attracting special attention from investors and capital management experts. The improved demand, solid performance and the expected shortfall supply, make it an exciting investment opportunity, which is why HK Group has decided to step in.

Hospitality investments are subject to shifts in supply and demand, affecting income, profitability and yield. Being less flexible than other industries, the hospitality market reacts very fast to such shifts. That's why professional expertise and knowledge are critical for managing risk and making smart decisions.

hospitality investments
hospitality investments

From Ownership to Full Management

Specialized in the hospitality market, HK Group has developed a business strategy which is underpinned by our proven skills and competence. Our hospitality division operates Hotels either through ownership or full management. From conception to exit, our experts specialize in identifying opportunities and initiate successful investments.

Among our hospitality activities, HK Group is the shareholder of the Royal Residency Hotel, which is a renowned 4-star hotel in India. Tastefully designed with its comfortable interiors and coupled with the famous Indian warm hospitality, the hotel is an ideal destination for vacations as well as business conventions.

At HK Group we analyze numerous potential acquisition and investment opportunities on a daily basis. We review each project with extensive market and financial due diligence and feasibility, ensuring that we present our clients with the most suitable investment opportunities.

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