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Welcome to HK Group Holdings

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, HK Group is a Holdings company operating in the construction, hospitality, healthcare, wellness, IT and trade industries. As one of the fastest growing holdings company in our region, HK Group is proud of its proven legacy of lucrative investments throughout its widely diversified fields of operations.

HK Group's success derives first and foremost from a coherent strategic vision combined with our competent and experienced management team. As both investors and operators, we create highly beneficial partnerships with leading entrepreneurs in our industries, building sustainable market stronghold.

diversified investments

HK Group's multi-industry holdings structure is a key factor in our ability to create value. Our business model provides us the possibility to make successful investments across a wide range of markets, generating significant returns for investors.

Featured Services


HK Group owns a construction company that offers versatile site improvement, infrastructure and construction services for real estate investors. No matter where you are in the development process, HK Group will add value to your project.


The Hospitality Holdings section focuses on hotel investments and management of hospitality ventures. Possessing specialized expertise we affect many aspects of the hospitality industry’s evolution the in United Arab Emirates.


We possess extensive global experience in heathcare investments and management of medical centers. We are well equipped to offer customized healthcare schemes for healthcare and medical companies of all sizes.

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