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HK Group’s Trading & Logistics Division

Adding Value to the Supply Chain

HK Group's Trade & Logistics division has been established more than 20 years ago. With an extensive network of own trade offices, experienced agents and advanced logistics solutions, we offer our customers a wide range of trading opportunities.

Over the past years we have gained a remarkable position in our market, supported by a wide recognition as a competent and reliable trading partner. Our activities are complemented with an extensive portfolio of logistics services, offering a business environment which focuses on cost awareness and flexibility.

Trade & Logistics
Trade & Logistics

Trading Built On Trust

Although HK Group's Trade & Logistics division operates across many different industries, our core line of trading includes tyres, metals and metal scrap. We own warehouses and operate warehousing facilities in India, under the company HK Warehousing Pvt Ltd.

We are devoted to promoting economic development in our market, bringing new groundbreaking logistics solutions that increase savings and create additional value in the supply-chain. HK Group vows to continue to expand its commodity supply chains and make trading more efficient, reliable and safe. We offer our customers not only excellent services but also professional technical and financial advice.

Professional management is the foundation of every successful trading and logistics endeavor. To navigate through complex projects, our specialized division is flexible and capable enough to deal with any unexpected alterations and changing demands. The ultimate goal is the full completion of a viable project in terms of both functionality and budget.

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